Sunday, 9 December 2012

Victorian Sampler Alphabet, The Halfway Stage...

I began The Victoria Sampler Alphabet series in August after finishing The Blue Ribbon Sampler.  It is 24 small alphabet panels, which can be stitched onto one large piece of linen to make a huge wall hanging.   I was with the picture framer the other day, sorting out the framing of The Blue Ribbon Sampler, and I don't think she quite believed me when I said that the next project she would get was nearly as tall as me!  (I am 5')

I fell in love with this piece  when it was featured (briefly) on "Kirstie's Handmade Britain", last year.  Kirstie  visited the Royal Welsh Show, (where I have to say, there seem to be the MOST AMAZING craft tents), and a lady called Dilys Morgan had won best in show with this very wall hanging   I freeze framed the TV, committed as much to memory as possible and went and "googled" it.

I love the unusual and the quirky, and the sheer size of this really appealed.

Well it seems to have been a long time in getting there, but I finally finished letter "L" of my Victoria Sampler.  I am now officially halfway.  I am loving the challenge of it and as each row is quite small, with some serious sewing time,  it is possible to achieve a fair amount.  I guess though, it is like all things, some days seem to be easier than others.

I have never used charms or beads before and I love how, just a sprinkle here and there adds a new dimension to the piece

The range of stitches is quite amazing and such a good education in technique, which I am sure will stand me in good stead for the future.  Each letter panel has items depicted, that begin with that letter, and each stitch used also begins with that letter (with a bit of artistic license I am sure).  It has all been so carefully designed and for anyone who doesn't want to attempt something so large, easy to just pick certain special letters.

 I am definitely a "big project" girl and this ticks all the boxes!   Onward to Letter M......


  1. Michele, it is so beautiful visually but also because it was through Alphabets that we "met".

    Have fun wassailing today.

    1. Alphabets will always be special to me for that reason as will SDW because of the new friendships with my stitchins sisters. x

  2. It's a gorgeous piece. You and Nicola amaze me with your extra large projects.

  3. Your Victorian sampler is looking beautiful! The details on this one amazes me!

  4. Wow fantastic stitching! This will be a beautiful heirloom when it's finished

  5. Amazing project! your stitching is beautiful.

  6. Beautiful stitching on this amazing project.

  7. This is just amazing! I loved Nicola's finished piece and seeing it grow, and now I can watch your's too!

    Happy stitching.