Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Girl Named Inky

Introducing "Inky" my 1964/1971 Morris Minor Van.

She is my friend and my workhorse, and I have was totally lost without her earlier this year, as she was off the road having some serious TLC.  Like all us old girls, the rust sets in, and Inky went to a "beautician" named Steve, and had some serious respraying and welding.  During that process she lost the telephone number part of her sign and so signwriter Terry came over and in the freezing cold (bless him) he replaced the telephone number and now Inky is complete again.

Inky at the Sopley Garden Fete
Every year, we host the Sopley Garden Fete, which raises money for the village church.  The summer was so wet that this year it was moved to September, which fortunately was a glorious day weatherwise.  It was Inky's first outing after her re-fit, albeit, telephone number free!

A new committee has breathed new live into this annual event and this year it was a three day marathon, with hog roast and band and beer!  I took the opportunity, with my friend Sue,who has a fantastic shop in Christchurch, Thomas and Lucia (check her out at to have a stand.

Tabbycat Interiors and Thomas and Lucia

Fabrics and Cushions
Inky "helping" out

Sadly, I had to say goodbye to my gorgeous Joe that morning.  Just  a few days short of his 16th birthday.  The last of my boys.  The greatest gift we can give our pets, is to do for them what we are not able to do for ourselves.  

My darling Joecat
It was really hard, but the right thing to do and he was Gentleman Joe to the very end.   I miss you Joe.


  1. Sweet Joe, so sorry for your loss. As pet guardians this is what we have to do.
    Inky is beyond cool.

  2. Oh Michele I know exactly what you mean. I miss Millie so much, they are our babies.

    I adore Miss Inky, she has timeless elegance and pizzazz.

  3. I love Inky! what a fantastic old van.

  4. So sorry to hear about your sweet kitty. He is beautiful and I know he will be missed. I'm sure you gave him a great home for all those years! Frances

  5. So sorry to hear the sad news. He was a handsome boy. They do bring such joy to our lives.