Friday, 18 January 2013

Dorset Winter Wonderland

Just a quickie.  I know that for some snow is not a big deal, but here in Dorset, it is.  Because of our geographical location, snow rarely settles here.  We usually get sleet and slush.  So I felt  the need to share our Winter Wonderland.

I took these at about 7.30am before any foot prints ruin the dreamland.

Husband has the day off today and we were going to an Antiques Market, but I feeling a fire and stitching day coming on.

Much love to all

Michele x


  1. so pretty! stay warm, it's coming our way later!

  2. looks so pretty! i love it when it has not yet been touched, it is magical.

  3. I love a good blanket of new snow. Beautiful pictures. Enjoy your winter wonderland. We got 4 inches Wednesday night and expecting 3-5 more on Saturday. Perfect stitching weather. Hope you get to settle in by the fire for a few good hours of stitching.

  4. Very pretty. I love the quiet of snow before people are out and about.

  5. It's lovely to see from inside a cosy warm home, isn't it? I wish the magic would endure whenever I'm trying to get anywhere in it... Very nice pictures.

  6. There is nothing prettier than a newly fallen snow!! Stay warm and cozy :)

  7. It's so odd seeing snow down your end of the country instead of up here with us. Not that I'm complaining:-)

  8. No snow with us just rain, rain and more rain. Did you find any bargains ?


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