Monday, 7 January 2013

A Wonderful Stitching Year

The postman has been very good to me lately.  Lots of goodies arrived, and nothing with a window in the envelope. That I count as a result.

I received the Little Cottages patterns from Beach Cottage Stitchers.  Thank you Cyndi for getting these out to me so quickly.  Honestly, I got a mail from her on the 26th, and the 2nd Jan they have arrived in the UK.  That is quicker than the post here locally.

Edgar's Country Cottage Needlework Sampler
I could really do with some advice, if anyone can help out.  I love the look that Edgar had on his Little Cottages Sampler.  I think he used Lakeside Linen Vintage Buttermilk, but the photography has given the linen a lovely mottled green effect, which I would love to replicate if possible.  So the question is, which of Lakeside Linens will give me close to this look?  Vintage Lentil?  Vintage Pear?  If anyone has either of these in their stash and would have a look and let me know, I would really appreciate it. Or an alternative suggestion would be equally welcome.

I am also going to stitch this as a 4 x 3 Landscape, just to make it different to the many Portrait samplers that I have.

My "Emma Miles" arrived from Wye Needlecraft.   This is one for my stash.  She looks so beautiful, and is a very popular choice in Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year, but I have others which are in the queue first.

Scarlet Letter Emma Miles

Also over the Christmas Period arrived from Scarlet Letter The Russian Red Rooster and Susan Singleton.  So that pretty much outlines my 2013.  Along with Ann Medd, which will be my big project of 2013, to commemorate my Scarlet Letter Year.  I do so hate numbers that finish in a zero!

Russian Red Rooster
Susan Singleton
Much love to all.


  1. Wonderful new projects Michele! I can't wait to see some stitching.

  2. Lots of great projects for the new year! I do think you are on the right track with vintage lentil or pear, probably pear would be brighter as the photo appears to be. Lovely SL choices, Ann Medd is a beauty! It will be a very good year!

  3. Have you asked Edgar what he is stitching on. I know that Karla at Patchwork Rabbit will accept returns on Lakeside Linen if you do not like them when received. Why not order both and return one.

  4. Edger said on one of his blogs that it was Buttermilk Vintage. I like the way the flash has made it look green. I did a quilt a while back that had a white background but the flash made it look pale blue. So I did a pale blue background and it worked really well, so I thought I would try the same. Good idea about Patchwork Rabbit, I will contact her. If she takes returns it makes it less of a risk. xx

  5. Hi Michele,I found your blog through Edgar. Your stitching is lovely. I see you like Scarlet Letter designs. Each year my small town has a "sidewalk sale" day (in the Spring). A few years back the local historical society had a huge box of Scarlet Letter charts for $1 each!! Yes ONE USA DOLLAR! I bought two samplers, copied the charts for myself and sold the originals on Etsy for over $20 each. If I get out to the sale this Spring I hope to find some more.

  6. Great plans - looking forward to following your stitching :-)

  7. I love the cottages all stitched on one piece like that, now I'm really tempted to get them!!
    Looking forward to seeing your SL progress too.