Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Where does the time go?

So we are now  four weeks into our SAL of the Scarlet Letter's SDW.  Six of us from around the world, each posting our progress at the end of each week.  I can't believe just how excited I am by this.   From stumbling over Nicola's site a couple of months ago, I now have new friends to stitch with, and a whole community of like minded peeps to share and learn from.

So fours weeks in and almost at the end of the first "row".  I can't believe how much I can get done by just devoting one day/evening a week to this project.  

The colours are so lovely and subtle and I am so glad that I used AVS instead of the DMC alternative.  The threads shimmer in the light.  For the first time I am on 35ct linen and it is easier that I imagined.  There is a slight "mental" adjustment needed, when swapping over from Victoria Alphabet, which I am doing on 28ct but nothing too major.

I have a cupboard that I need to paint today and I have set myself the task of finishing Letter K of the Alphabet Sampler by tonight.  A tall order, but if I knuckle down, I should just about do it.   When I have completed Letter L,  I will post some halfway pictures.

Through my new friends, all of you have such exciting sites, and have such a huge body of work, I feel so humbled.  You have all done so much beautiful work.  I love looking at the wide range of projects.  I have already been on to Scarlet Letter to order more patterns, and have wish lists with other suppliers!   I also wonder, just how many hours some of you have in your days...?

Well,  the weatherman said that it would become colder by the end of the week and he was so right.  There was a definite frost on the ground this morning when I went to let the girls out.   Dorset is now looking lovely, with all the Autumn colours.  I think the beech trees just "dumped" their leaves overnight.  The sun was out earlier, a beautiful blue sky and a lovely bite to the air but it has now turned damp and I think the night is going to be an early one today.

I can't believe that we are now at the end of November almost.  Every year we host a big dinner party for our closest friends from the Musical Society that we belong to, and last weekend was that time.  Two days spent cooking and baking, and I was totally whacked by the end of it all but it does give me the opportunity to try out some of the amazing recipes that we see on the TV.

La Tourtiere, a French Apple pie made with Filo Pastry.  I first saw this on Rick Stein's "A French Odessey" where the lady made her own Filo pastry.  I have to confess that mine was catered, by courtesy of Waitrose!  

Hazelnet Vacherin, taken from the Hairy Bikers "Book of Baking" and finally The Frasier Cake, as demonstrated by Mary Berry, on the most recent series of "The Great British Bake Off".

I did actually have a recipe for this years ago, one by the French baker Eric Lanyard, but I put it somewhere safe.....need I say more.  I would love to have decorated it more on the top, but my piping skills are not great - chocolate blobs is about my level!

Right, time for tea and the end of Letter K.  Much love to all from a very chilly and damp New Forest.

Michele xxxx


  1. Your SDW is looking superb, congratulations on your progress.

    After seeing your quilts and your BRS finish I do not think that you have anything to be humble about.

    Your baking is magnificent and I look forward to tasting some hopefully next year for a stitching weekend at Trewoon.

  2. You've made wonderful progress on your SDW and it looks fabulous. Your baking looks wonderful!

  3. Your sampler is coming along so beautifully. And the baking is awesome, well done.

  4. Stitching with silk is always a joy. Your progress with it on SDW looks great! The desserts look sinful...

  5. Fantastic progress on SDW, it is really fun to stitch isn't it?!
    Those cakes look utterly scrumptious!