Thursday, 25 October 2012

You Have To Let Them Fly The Nest!

A momentous day today.  Velma and her chicks have finally been let out of their run, into the the BIG WIDE world that is THE ORCHARD!

There was a little bit of fisty cuffs from a couple of the others.  Poor things, they have such sort memories, that they can't remember, that before her maternity leave, Velma was one of them.  It all seems to have settled down now Velma is teaching her young ones how to scratch in the leaves.

Jack Sparrow the proud father....
has been over to check all is well, but, being a man I have a sneaky feeling that he really has one thing on this mind!

I am like an old mother hen myself, and keep running out to check that they are all ok.   Not much work is going to get done here today, so am tempted to take a cup of tea, and some sewing and go and sit in the Orchard, but that would just be toooooo sad.

Let go Michele, you have to let them go!

Much love from a very overcast Dorset   xx


  1. The sun and the wind is out in Cornwall, just got back from a round of golf and lunch.

    What breed of chickens are they?

    It must be wonderful to have your own eggs, we used to keep chickens but the fox got them all.

  2. Velma is a black Peking Bantam, and Jack is...who knows a bantam cockerel of some description. We rescued him and his father from under a hedge in a nearby village but lost dad in the damp weather earlier in the year. My other hens are a mixture of battery (6) and various hybrids. Anna is my only pure breed - an Aracuna and she lays (not often) blue eggs. She is my great survivor. A neighbours dog got into the orchard a couple of years back - twice - and I lost 31 hens in those two hits, Anna survived both by flying into a tree. I have 21 and Jack now which is almost back to where I was, but I lost a lot of pure breeds in the hits, which are hard to replace. It is lovely to have the eggs, especially when Mary Berry says you need really fresh eggs!!

  3. Your quilts are beautiful Michele. I hope you're able to 'let go' without too much despair.

  4. I agree with Laurie, your quilts are really lovely. You know, I think if the day was perfect weather wise sitting in an orchard stitching away watching the chickens scratching around would be wonderful.

  5. How sweet to have chickens and fresh eggs all the time, and blue ones sometimes great for Easter time! :) What a handsome rooster!

  6. I have to agree with some of the comments above about your quilts. They really are beautiful.

    I think that watching the antics of chickens would be fun to watch. You have some beautiful birds.

  7. Chickens are interesting creatures!

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